Xmodgames Change Log (For Android & iOS)

1. Script platform to achieve 100% automation in games.

2. Android: Accelerator in Multi-Launch.

3. Android 6.0 supported.

4. iOS: Account System added.


1. New Function: Multi-Launch added.
2. Forum-My Posts & Favorites added.
3. Notification & Chat optimized.
4. Bahasa Indonesia supported.
Notice: On iOS9 XMG doesn't support Multi-Launch for now.


1. New Chatroom added.
2. Forum-Notification added.
3. Forum & Record optimized.
4. iOS from v2.1.3 on: Supports iOS 9.0-9.0.2.


The Critical Update Version:
1. Useful tools of Record and Capture added.
2. Popular Forum added. Share and discuss!
3. Four languages supported: English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.
4. More user-friendly interface upgraded.


1. A floating window for controlling Mods and Accelerator added, rendering better user experience.
2. Android from v1.2.1 on: Compatible with Operating System Android 5.0.


1. Mod Detail- Mod Guide added.
2. In-App Share added.
3. Android from v1.1.0 on: Auto-root for Android OS v.4.3 and below added.
4. Compatible Mode Bug Fixed´╝ÜXmodgames can run perfectly within compatible mode.
Notice: Please reboot after install.


The Initial Version:
1. More- About- Contact section added.
2. FAQ added.
3. Bugs fixed; plugin compatibility enhanced.
4. User interface Re-designed , improved user experience.
5. iOS from v1.0.5 on: bugs fixed for iOS 8 !
6. iOS from v1.0.8 on: Compatible perfectly with 64bit iDevices (iPhone6, 6+) and iOS 8.1.1.


If you couldn't be redirected to Cydia, please jailbreak first.