Pokemon Go


Versión del Mod:1.0.0

Para la versión del juego:0.31.0


【Android】 El mod es SOLO para Android. Confirme que has rooteado su dispositivo primero.

Por: Metratron_archangel
Mod de telepuerto mundial

Este mod puede simular la posicionamiento mundial en el juego Pokemon Go ya muy popular. De esta manera, se puede viajar al cualquier lugar a capturar pokemons en el mundo en tan solo un segundo.

1.Movimiento via Joystick, control fácil del avatar en el mapa.
2.Telepuerto - Ajustar destino de vuelos para engendrar su avatar en ubicaciones diferentes. Hace viajes rápidos del punto A al punto B.
3.Se puede configurar coordenadas a las que quiera ir a

1.Joystick Movement
2.Teleport (Flight Ticket Mode+One-click Back Home)
3.Customized Transport
【Android】Pokemon Go World Travel Mod
Pokemon Go Mod for AndroidBIG NEWS: Pokemon Go Mod v.1.0.0 Released for Android Pokemon Go v. 0.31.0!This mod helps your avatar travel around the world to get Pokemons in Pokemon Go and ease the pokemon hunting. 【Preparations】1. Install Pokemon Go first and then install the mod. Make sure you have updated the game from Google Play and the mod from Xmodgames to the latest version. Then before lauching the mod...2.Before launching the game from Xmodgames, please make sure thata. you have turned OFF mocked location in Settings-->Developer Options-->Allow mocked locations. (If not, there'll be a message indicating "GPS not found" when you log in).b. you have downloaded Google Map and its GPS real-time positioning is working.c. you have turned on vpn, if your country is restricted, i.e., not amongst the served area.   【How to use World Travel Mod in Pokemon Go】3.When all is ready, you can launch the mod. Remember to do this quickly: When the game is loading, tap on the Xbot (floating window on the right edge). Then tap on Xmod to mod the game. 4. If the mod is successfully loaded and initialized, it will be like this. If step 3 fails, the game will crash when you use flight tickets.【How to Set 'Home'】Once you enter the game, you will see that, in this message box, the mod requires you to set a coordinate in the map to be marked as "Home". Home is a location where you can fast travel back in the game. It can be last spot you logged off (SKIP). Or it can be your current spot or a fixed destination or some custom coords (Select Destination). Click on 'Start Fast Travel' to Set.Custom Coords use international latitude-longitude system. Input lat. from -90 to 90 and lng. from -180 to 180. Set the coordinates and then tap fast travel to begin journey (Recommended use with pokemonvision or pokesnipers to go to pokemon nests.)Selecting the location, you will be spawned there and safe to collect items and catch pokemon around your previously set as "Home".  【How to move around in the game】5. Now in the game you can see the joystick at the top left bottom of the screen. It controls the movement of your character. The movement directions can be adjusted from avatar-frontal to compass directions.6. You can adjust your travelling speed with Double Speed. The LAT:LGN values in the blue square shows your latitude:longitude position in the game. 【How to use Flight Ticket Mode】7. Flight Ticket Mode is made for instant long-distance travelling to a certain location to catch rare pokemons!BEWARE: After you have used flight tickets in the mod, DO NOT collect anything in your destination, the place to which you teleported). It's JUST for catching pokemon or you'll be banned!If unfornately you are banned, throw 40 poke balls or spin 40 pokestops. 8.Here're the procedures. Users MUST follow them closely or it might cause troubles like soft-bans from the server.【How to Catch a Pokemon with Long-distance Flight】a. When you bump into a pokemon after you've flown to somewhere else (You used long-distance travel in the mod).b. Tap on that pokemon and enter the battle scene, like this pidgey.c. In the battle, DO NOT throw any poke balls yet! Tap on Xmod and then tap "Back Home" to transfer back to your saved location. This is crucial and prevent you from being banned!d. Then throw any ball to catch it! If you don't observe these rules closely, your fast travel will be noted by the server and get soft-banned for hours. 9. Combine it with pokemonvision or pokesnipers to get instant info of the coords of the rarest pokemons and maximize your gain. Enjoy hunting!

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