How to Sandbox with Full Traps in LIVE Replay with Clash of Clans MOD

In last versions of COC updates in Clash of Clans MOD v. 3.2.2 iOS and v.2.5.3 Android

  1. Real-time traps/teslas has been fixed

  2. Removal of untriggered traps from Clan War has affected how Sandbox from Replay works.

=About Realtime Traps/Teslas=

Realtime traps/teslas are fixed in real-time battles, no matter in Farming or in Clan War.

So, if you turn the feature ON, and everything goes well, you should be seeing all traps/teslas displayed in ALL real attacks.

You can also turn it OFF if you don't want it in the next battle.

=About Sandbox From Replay=

Here are a few facts we should know beforehand:

a. Untriggered traps are those unactivated by a player (e.g. not stepped by Barbs) in a real battle. 

b. ONLY triggered traps will be left to be recorded in Normal Replay.

So we can't sandbox from replay perfectly with full traps in MOST cases becuz we are barely not able to trigger all traps in one attack attempt.

But Xmodders and Xmodgamers also found that

c. Traps data can still be saved from LIVE replays (i.e. Replay during an attack attempt of a clan member against your rival)

d. Trap data will be cleared once you exit Clash of Clans or watch another replay.  

This means there's still a chance for you & clanmates to watch LIVE battles during the war and Sandbox PERFECTLY the base you watched.

However, be careful not to lose the trap data you got becuz of fact d.

How Things We Should Plan in the Clan War:

=For Chiefs & Leaders in Clan=

Before the first attack:

   1. Gather all members and decide who plays the "Scouter", who helps to reveal traps for others in the first attack and who plays the "Attackers" for the second round.

   2. Pair them up as a team and schedule their ONLINE timetable for watching LIVE replays (due to different time zones).

before the attack pair group_副本.jpg

=For the Scouter=

The first attack for real:

   3. All members in Clan war online, Turn ON Real-time Traps/Teslas and Sandbox from Replay

menu before the attack_副本.jpg

   4. For the Scouter: Tell all members esp. the partner Attacker that YOU'RE going to attack.

(As Supercell may strengthens the dectection in chat, it's better that clan members use other online SMS or IM like Whatsapp, LINE, or communicate in XMG Chatroom)

scout done_1.jpg

      In the battle, with the help of Realtime Traps/Teslas, scout as many raps as posible in the attacking path in Clan War for the first attack.

      Best practice: deploy ground and air troops to scout from ground to air. The more traps triggered, the more accurate will be the sandbox map for NORMAL replay.

scouter view realtime traps.jpg

   5. And be careful! If the replay has only ground units, when you plan to sandbox with air units. You won't trigger any air traps in the simulation.

  =For the Attacker=

Before the second attack:

attacker settings.jpg

   6. While the Scouter is attacking the enemy, his partner - the "Attacker" and all others online tap on "Watch LIVE" for replay. Then ull trap data will be saved in the LIVE replay.  

attacker view watch LIVE.jpg

   7. As the Attacker and those who watched LIVE replay have obtained all trap data, they can easily Sandbox Now. Turn ON "Sandbox Attack" at the same base after the Scouter finishes the attack.

   8. Tap on "Scout" and they can Sandbox PERFECTLY anytime you want!  This is YOUR PLAN A

PLAN A: Sandbox with LIVE full trap data. (Recommended)

Plan A Careful scout don't watch another replay.jpg

   9. You can alter and modify different combos in the Sandbox, too. NOTE:


a. Don't exit the game or watch another REPLAY yet! Or the saved full trap data will be lost forever!

b. If unfortunately, you lost full trap data of LIVE replay, the Attacker can turn to PLAN B (i.e. Sandbox with Triggered Trap Data from NORMAL replay by the Scouter in the first round).

PLAN B: Sandbox with triggered trap data from watching a normal replay of the first round.

  Plan B_副本.jpg

The second attack for real:

1. With LIVE & NORMAL Replay data in Sandbox, the "Attacker" should be well practised enough and get full advantage from "Real-time traps" to score 3-stars for real!

attacker view after LIVE replay_副本.jpg

Xmod is finding a way to save LIVE replay for all Xmod users. Stay tuned!


If you couldn't be redirected to Cydia, please jailbreak first.